The Objective

TNO is a combat veteran-run initiative committed to empowering our returning service members to overcome obstacles and achieve post-military success.

Mission; Engage. Encourage. Empower.

The Next Objective aims to engage our returning warriors, seeks to encourage them in new and challenging endeavors designed to inspire confidence, and intends to empower them to once again recognize their inherent abilities and seize their full potential in a new life outside of the armed forces.

Fundraising efforts will include but not be limited to awarding grants for:

  • Individual gym memberships
  • Personal/group training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Team sponsorship
  • Team-centric event participation such as mud runs, urban endurance exercises, backpacking retreats, etc.

Company Overview

The Next Objective is a veteran-run non-profit organization (501c3 approved) dedicated to empowering our returning service members by way of an established veteran network that will focus on fitness, community, and a team-centric effort to achieve success and happiness in life outside the military.

The Next Objective is an organization driven by the firsthand knowledge that our veterans represent some of the best our society has to offer, and the belief that we have the profound ability to play a pivotal role in our communities upon completion of our military service. We fully appreciate the strong sense of belonging, duty, and camaraderie that the military offers…and even more so the powerful emotions associated with separating from that community.

All too often our returning veterans succumb to deep-seeded feelings of isolation, abandonment, and loss – especially if we are unable to successfully connect and relate to our peers in the civilian world. As service members encounter routine misunderstanding or even pity from those without similar life experiences, these emotions can quickly manifest themselves into the complete alienation and victimization of our proud warrior class…and this is an outcome that we simply refuse to accept.

By our very nature veterans are of strong character, supremely determined, tremendously competent, and exceedingly capable individuals that have proven ourselves time and time again – in the direst of circumstances – to be unparalleled at adapting to change and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The challenge seems to lie only in helping us to recognize that the same traits which granted us victory in battle, will yield unimaginable success in life after war if we can only learn to harness those assets and push towards a new goal…our “Next Objective.”

Our newest generation of veterans chose to voluntarily answer our nations call during a time of war. While our reasons are unique to the individual and may vary, the fact remains that we ALL raised our hands and stepped forward of our own accord to defend this nation. We maintain that veterans are strong, proud, and capable, and only require some direction and confidence in the civilian realm to capitalize on our next opportunity. We will serve our comrades not by way of entitlements or handouts, as we feel that these measures if unchecked only work to compound the victim mentality and promote a new welfare class of veterans. Rather, The Next Objective will TRULY serve our returning warriors by striving to remind them of the strength, character, and potential that we inherently possess and empowering other vets to use those gifts to discover newfound success and happiness in the civilian sector.

General Information

As combat veterans we fully embrace the paramount importance of teamwork, cohesion, and a supreme unified effort towards the accomplishment of a goal. Difficult situations, when faced while in the company of your fellow warriors, are not only easier to overcome, they also create an unbreakable bond among you and your comrades. “Embracing the suck,” as it’s come to be known, is a phenomenon that is largely foreign to those who have never lived it, and as such it becomes increasingly difficult to relate to civilians who haven’t shared in our unique military experiences.

When we separate from the armed forces we leave behind a camaraderie and sense of accomplishment rarely enjoyed anywhere else, and more often than not we’re left longing for just another small taste of it. We at The Next Objective understand these feelings firsthand, and believe that we have found a solution to overcoming them…but our mission can’t be accomplished alone.

We will work with our returning service members to establish a network of veterans – a strong support system of our peers to be utilized frequently by any and all who need a point of light in the darkness. We will strive to create a new sense of community and camaraderie focused on networking, fitness, team-building, and the routine sharing of information and resources to collectively push through to the next objective.

We have experienced firsthand the positive impact that training for and then participating in these types of events has on the individual psyche of a veteran. Completion of these military-style team challenges works to reinstate diminished confidence and repair an eroded sense of camaraderie and belonging. In the end this serves to empower veterans to realize that we don’t need charity, we just need opportunity…and each other.