Who We Are

Mission; Engage. Encourage. Empower.
TNO is a combat veteran-run initiative committed to empowering our returning service members to overcome obstacles and achieve post-military success.

The Next Objective aims to engage our returning warriors, seeks to encourage them in new and challenging endeavors designed to inspire confidence, and intends to empower them to once again recognize their inherent abilities and seize their full potential in a new life outside of the armed forces. Company Overview The Next Objective is a veteran-run non-profit organization (501c3 approved) dedicated to empowering our returning service members by way of an established veteran network that will focus on fitness, community, and a team-centric effort to achieve success and happiness in life outside the military. The Next Objective is an organization driven by the firsthand knowledge that our veterans represent some of the best our society has to offer, and the belief that we have the profound ability to play a pivotal role in our communities upon completion of our military service. We fully appreciate the strong sense of belonging, duty, and camaraderie that the military offers...and even more so the powerful emotions associated with separating from that community.

The Team

We will motivate the hell out of you!
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Derek Weida

A native of the twin cities, Derek fulfilled his dream of military service at age 17 when he enlisted to become a United States paratrooper.
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Sean Endsley

Director of Operations
A native of Denver, Sean was in his junior year of college when he watched the events of September 11th, 2001 unfold, and knew that he was changed forever.

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